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The events that have happened this year have significantly disrupted and impacted the way your consumers are searching and your PPC (Paid Per Click Performance. The initial reaction to companies are making is to reduce or pause their initial marketing budgets and spends, while some have put actions into place that allow them to react to changes in the way consumers are searching.

Though it may not seem like it now and may not be the right time, it is more beneficial if you can maintain your hold on your marketing strategies, this could give you a strong comeback, while many of your competitors are slowing down. If you can maintain a longer game, then your marketing plan will pay off after COVID-19.
S many of the businesses slow or stop their budgets; some excellent opportunities will arise for those doing a longer-term strategy. To maximize your marketing efforts and for them to be effective, you need to start adjusting your responses in the changes of searches, competitors and how the market share is divided up. To put it more bluntly everything you have been doing before is likely to no longer apply to your marketing post-COVID-19.

Adjusting your Digital Marketing Strategy

Bidding Strategies

The market you once knew has changed for you and your competitors, and As we said, these businesses are making new responses to these changes in a very drastic way, so are even stopping there PPC budgets altogether. Now, this may seem like the wrong move, but actually, it is not, holding your marketing budget is the right move. But that said if you decide to stick to the same automated strategies as before will not make sense for any Marketing you do past COVID-19.
We strongly recommend that you are always reviewing and making changes to both your automated and manual bidding strategies. We highly recommend that you are also monitoring your campaigns/marketing strategy as the market is highly volatile right now. Even in the midst that COVID-19 will start to slow down and be more adopted and accepted in everyday life and becoming the New Normal, conditions are ever-evolving and changing. So our advice is don’t just set up and forget about it, because if you do, you won’t be able to move forward with the changes that are happening.


As you are aware, your keywords are a powerful resource for your markets and getting them right is going to be key moving forwards. I like to look and use Google Trends, its prefect for finding keywords relating to your market and also competitor information on them. It allows you to understand what people are doing online. Its these search trends that are going to push you forward in getting in front of your competitors.
Excellent marketing strategies are about monitoring search trends and being able to adapt to these changes. As a minimum, I would suggest that on a weekly basis, you are monitoring and analyzing these trends and reviewing your google analytics to get reports on these keywords, trends and search queries. This will help to allow you to understand what queries consumers are using to find your business, and then you can develop your marketing strategy around your marketing after COVID-19.

Device Strategy

Device strategy is essential as you will see current trends from working on desktops and laptops to back to mobile when people start to get back to work and other activities. So at this time, where mobile may have decreased in traffic you want to be using this information to target different device types and then slowly start to adjust back to mobile based on the results you are seeing and the change in attitudes. So when the time comes, you are prepared and notice these trends.

Ad Copy & Extensions

After COVID-19 I would suggest that you start to look at how you have compiled your ads and extensions for your marketing, some of the messages you are trying to portray will not be relevant anymore based on the change of lifestyle and mentality, so this is very important, sending the wrong message because you did not check you ad setup, could be costly for you and drive people to your competitors. Also, if your ads are no longer relevant, then pause or remove them.
I would suggest that you keep a keen eye on your competitors and what they are doing in the form of advertising. Some things for you to think about would be.
(1) What is the message they are putting out
(2) Are they running any special offers or promotions? And if so, what are they?

Quality Score

This is a vital part of your marketing strategy, we would recommend that you gather a list of all your current keywords including there quality scores, then look to get new keywords based on trends and then think about creating new content for your PPC ad, then take those keywords and see how you can improve and update your content on your landing page. This will significantly help and improve your overall quality score.


If for those that did stick to there marketing plans, then all is not lost, if you have Facebook Pixel or Google Re-marketing setup on your site, then all the current traffic heading to your websites or through you current strategy, will enable you to update your ads and content and then re-target those people.


In-conclusion, when things start to get back to some normality, there is several items that you can revert too, like updating your operations information on your site for your business, Google My Business and also Bing Places. It will, of course, take some time to figure out any kind of new normal with regards, but the items that e have made above will hopefully get you on the right path to where you need to be.
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